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You Lost Me, Betty

Okay, thought I would try the Surplice Baby Jacket. To be very honest, I couldn’t find any of my three copies of the Baby Surprise, so I thought I’d mix it up a little. I know that there are those who find Zimmermann patterns too chatty and not clear enough. I am always willing to work with her way of writing patterns because I Love Her, but man, this one bit me in the butt. One little sentence missed and I found I had knit eighty rows and had made three colossal mistakes. Madness! This is what happens when you attempt to knit with small children around.
Meh, now that I have pattern figured out it probably would have been a disaster anyway. The yarn I used had no body so it would have ended up looking like a woolen striped ballerina wrap style crop top, and seeing as it was intended for a baby boy, it’s probably for the best. Besides, Ha! I found one of my copies of the bsj last night.
I’d show a picture of it, but I grow weary of memorializing my shame. Hey, here is something I made that did work out:


Love! And a great pattern for knitting with small, chattery, needy squirrels.My lovely friend Marilyn bought the pattern for me.
Okay, not much time.

Another One Bites the Dust

okay, see this?


That’s about a weeks worth of knitting. Pathetic, really, but that is what happens when you are surrounded by small children. It is a top down baby dress, using stash yarn that has been staring at me for a while and that I kinda want out of my stash. I had done the most annoying part of the pattern, the back and forth (I prefer to avoid purling, as it slows me down and always messes with the gauge of my work.) Last night I finished the last purl row, debated if I should go to the kitchen to get my chibi needle, realized it was late and I had no socks on and my feet would get cold, so I saved it for today. Today was not so good, but I really wanted to join in the round, so balancing baby on my shoulder I started to remove the armholes… only to discover there was Only One. Yep, I knit like, three and a half inches without realizing the I had only knit one shoulder. Yay me. Grr I am so annoyed. And I have the nagging question of how on earth did I manage to maintain my stitch count when obviously I was not increasing at the same rate as the pattern? There is an answer to that one, but it involves math I am currently unwilling to do.

I have had some successes, but I am one handed typing, so I’ll write those later. Let’s all just feel miserable for me together, okay?

It Worked!


I just need to work out the photo situation. I will not sully my writings with blurry ipad photos! Oh, hey, this is my blog, so I can say whatever I want. My blackberry takes photos of infinitely better quality in all conditions. Take that, posthumously, Mr. Jobs!

Okay, so what have I done in the last year? Well, we moved, which is awesome for all reasons. More space, closer to extended family and close to school for the kids. Kids! There are now three. Three! A little girl joined our family in a pretty memorable and horrible way about two months ago. Let’s just say that I do not recommend Norovirus and labour at the same time.
Knitting, always knitting. Okay, I haven’t slept a full night in, oh, two months so I can’t really think of what I have done. But I know Imdid a lot. Oh, I knit like six pairs of socks in as many weeks last fall when I was in denial over the sex of the baby and couldn’t believe that the world of Super Cute Baby Girl Knitting had opened to me. Husband has since put a hole in the heel of one of those pairs, which is a new record, I suspect. I may have to start knitting the heels with extra nylon just to offset his apparently very aggressive gait (and he spends most of his time at a desk!) Meh, I told him he has been relegated to the hard wearing German sock yarns in my stash. Not as soft, not as pretty, but less painful to me when he walks a hole in the heel.
Okay, time to rouse captain crankyhead number two before tonight’s bedtime becomes an issue.